Feasible basic set-ups · Wiring with the programming pc board

We can precisely adapt these controllable power supply units to your application by the way we wire the programming circuit board. The following circuits show the basic functions which can be realised with all power amplifiers. Various circuits can also be combined together and extended to form more complicated functions. For example, an integrator can also be extended with a differential input circuit to form a differential input integrator.
Microvolts at the difference input
The greater the degree of amplification, the smaller the input differential voltage and the more accurate the analogue, mathematical operations. One of the key quality criteria in this respect is the level of microvolts at the input.
 Analogue     calculations with the wiring circuit:
Getting to the function quickly: The solution is in the wiring

Inverting amplifier
Not-inverting amplifier
Inverting summer amplifier
Wiring in accordance with generally only works after a few initial steps:

Design system  
Carry out wiring  
Connect programming panel
Function optimize
System ready for operation
Differential amplifier
Summing amplifier with difference inputs
Inverting current controller
Current controller with difference input
Speed servo with tachometer

The illustrated programming pc board shows a wiring circuit as a speed controller combined with a torque controller.

2 trimmers regulate the amplification of various time constants in the frequency response.
Torque servo
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