V207 Series: PWM high-power amplifier · 19-inch module with 6HE up to 12 kW  

V207 high-power amplifier series
Our special developments

The 4.5 MHz HF coupler transfers control impulses to the DC-isolated output stage. This output stage is fitted with modern IGBTs switches with a slew rate of up to 50kV/µs. Even fast optocouplers – up to 15kV/µs – were too slow for this.
The DC/DC converter supplies all 8 auxiliary supplies in the unit. Important from a safety point of view is the a high level of isolation voltage (3.8kV) between the auxiliary supplies, as well as the high level of operational reliability in the event of undervoltage.
Product description

The V207 high-power amplifier series
is a universally usable servo amplifier with extensive monitoring which can be specifically configured to customer needs. Clean DC voltage at the output is achieved by L/C low pass filtering in the output stage.

This ingenious concept brings together a variety of special features:

Output voltage lies between +-100V and 600VDC
Output current of + 40 to 100A
Remote-controlled peak current limitation
True I²t current limitation is variable, whereby
  Continuous currents and peak currents can be adjusted separately
Underlining embeded current controller
Total DC isolation of control unit, and
  the output stage, resulting in freedom from interference at control level
A Boucherot damping network is provided
High power brake stage is provided

Extensive monitoring

Improved diagnosis for safe applications and therefore also a high level of operational reliability. This is achieved by using multiple monitoring of specific conditions:

U>MAXS: Overvoltage *S
U<MIN: Undervoltage
UVWDEF: Supply phases
IREFLIM: Current limitation active
I²t: Effective current reached
I²tS: Effective current reached *S
I>MAXS: Current exceeded *S
REGDEFS: Controller faulty *S
TACDEFS: Tacho faulty *S
T>MAXS: Temperature exceeded *S
T>WARN: Temperature warning
*S= stored

Monitoring displays

Operating conditions are monitored separately and stored. Furthermore, by setting jumpers the customer can decide whether errors should be reported or whether they should immediately lead to shutdowns.

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