V301 Series: Unipolar high-power current source for use in high-precision processes up to 7kW  

V301 high-power current source

Example of an application: Manufacturing of CD matrices

Galvanikbäder mit Prozeßsteuerung und Überwachung

Pure nickel matrices for the pressing of CDs

Product description

New development of a 1Q process current source

This was designed for applications requiring a high degree of accuracy, low current ripple and broad power bandwidth.

As a rule, such applications involve:

Process current sources in galvanisation
Magnetic field controlling
The testing of fuses
Programmable welding equipment

Performance data:

Current can be regulated between 0 - 150A at 24V to 48V
Control accuracy better than 0.3% of final value
Current ripple smaller than 0.6%
Power bandwidth approx. 100Hz
Continuous output power max. 7.2kW
Degree of efficiency exceeding 94%


To avoid interference, the external command variable for the output current is measured with the aid of a difference input. A current monitor output is available for higher level monitoring and controlling functions.
Particular attention was paid to the DC isolation of both control and operating unit so that interference in the power stage can be kept away from the control unit and monitoring unit.

Monitoring functions:
The unit is only ready for operation when all monitoring functions show "OK":

All 3 phases must be present
The main DC voltage must be high enough
Overcurrent monitoring with memory function.
  The output current must not exceed the
  predefined maximum.
Degree of efficiency: 94% and higher
Ready status is DC isolated
Enable input compatible for the main control
  is DC isolated

Output current 150A:
Channel 1:5V/Div. current monitor
+10VDC corresponds to 150A
Channel 2: 0mV/Div.
current monitor shows
the ripple of 60mVpp
at 24kHz, corresponds to 0.6%,
also at 150A

The oscillogram demonstrates the
high degree of purity of the output current.

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