You will find our amplifiers in almost all sectors of industry · SERVOWATT amplifiers are in use all around the world

10 kHz Sinus
power oscillator

Module testing
with the microscope
Quality -
The cornerstone
of trust
DCP 520/60C, final checks prior to dispatch

Quality without compromise

The curve line tracer provides the best information on processes inside the semiconductor. The output stages are checked on a number of criteria: maximum voltage, saturation voltage, current amplification, residual current, and circuit insulation voltage.

Achieve project targets with SERVOWATT power operational amplifiers

ESO project successfully concluded!

Success is the sum of all parts. And in this case it was the sum of a variety of expertly carried out decisions and developments along a whole chain of suppliers. Pivotal to this process at SERVOWATT is our strict regard for customer orientation and flawless, reliable quality.

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Servo amplifiers in gear tooth measuring machines for Dr.Höfler and Mahr

RZ300E DCP 520/60-C gear grinding machine in the infeed axle at Reishauer, Zurich

Electron beam deflection for vacuum welding of turbine blades by MTU, Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney

The navigation systems used by Airbus and Tornado are tested using cardanic suspended measuring machines

Cut costs by incorporating SERVOWATT operational amplifiers into your developments and products

The testing of compound fibres and high-quality textiles to evaluate stretch expansion properties. Dr. Blum laboratories, Stuttgart

Connector manufacturing at BERG: the precise positioning of connector pins in injection moulds, at a rate of 15 times/second on 3 axles

Technotrans - process current source 150A for the galvanising of CD matrices made from pure nickel

Ultrasonic crack detection in reactor casings, allowing no PWM interference: our linear DCP900/60 controls the tri-axle measuring robots

Regulated bipolar current sources controlling the magnetic fields of particle accelerators

A 250 ton, 3.5 metre telescope belonging to the European Southern Observatory in La Silla (Chile) is controlled by 4 DCP2000/60C linear amplifiers

SERVOWATT quality – our word is our promise, a promise you can trust
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