PWM with L/C filtered DC-output

SERVOWATT PWM power amplifiers can be used for servo, current or voltage control. These high-quality PWM DC power amplifiers permit cost-effective and technically optimum solutions in many areas of drive, measurement and control technology due to their proven and universal design. Applications as servo drives with high-power DC motors in different kinds of high-quality machines, as bipolar voltage and current regulators in plant and measuring and test equipment. The L/C low pass filter at the output prevents spurious EMC emissions on the load.

V204 Series

250 W to 4.000 W

+-24V to +-200V
High-power DC amplifier
for a wide range of servo uses,
control cabinet installation
PWM 4-quadrant amplifier with L/C filter
  at the output, provides DC voltage
Programming panel for 4 inputs
Adjustable current limits,
  +/- continuous and subordinate peak currents
Current control
Integrated ballast circuit
V207 Series

up to 12.000 W

+-50V to +-500V
Universal 19“ DC servo
high-power amplifier.
Numerous options and
possible settings.
4-quadrant DC servo amplifier
Subordinate current control
Adjustable +/- continuous and peak currents
Extensive monitoring
  with reporting / shutdown function
Integrated power LC filter at the output
Especially low-emission construction
19-inch - 6 HE slot
V301 Series

up to 7.000 W, max 150A

1-Quadrant DC power source
for extremely accurate
process applications,
control cabinet installation
Residual ripple of the filtered output voltage is
  < 1% when working at 100% capacity
Highly accurate proportionality of the
  output current to the reference voltage
Extensive analogue and digital monitoring functions.
Soft-start function
Highly accurate difference input
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