V204 Series for general applications · PWM high-power amplifier up to 4kW  

V204 Series of high-power amplifiers
Description V204
4 kW special edition of the V204 with increased brake performance

Three V204 amplifiers control winding equipment in the production of fibre optic cables

Product description

The V204 Series of high-power amplifiers
was designed for universal DC/4Q applications requiring high levels of efficiency hand-in-hand with clean DC output voltage.

This ingenious concept brings together a variety of special features:

A clean direct current at the output, attained by using an
  LC low-pass filter integrated into the output stage
Enables all conventional controls, such as servo operation,
  current controller, voltage controller, etc.
4 independent inputs can be evaluated individually
+/- maximal continuous currents and peak currents limits are adjustable
A subordinate secondary current controller can be adjusted
  in the frequency response
Control circuit and main circuit are DC isolated up to 1000 V
A high-power brake stage is already fitted
A Boucherot damping network can be attached

The main output data in the V204 Series

V204 Type Power Typical values from/to
V 204 - 300 300 W 50V - 6A 100V - 3A
V 204 - 600 600 W 60V - 10A 120V - 5A
V 204 - 1.000 1 kW 100V / 10A 200V - 5A
V 204 - 2.000 2 kW 100V / 20A 200V - 10A
V 204 - 3.000 3 kW 100V / 30A 200V - 15A
V 204 - 4.000 4 kW 135V / 30A 200V - 20A


Servo drives with DC motors in high-quality equipment
  and machines
Bipolar voltage controllers and current controllers in installations,
  measuring and testing equipment
A wide variety of applications for which interfering EMI emissions
  are not permissible

The apparatus fitted in submarines has to undergo thorough pre-installation testing for magnetic field radiation. This is carried out using compensation with large coils located in a measuring cabin.
V204 (+-15A/120V)

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