Voltage, current and servo controllers
Controllable power supplies from 10W to 12kW

SERVOWATT power electronics supplies tailor-made power amplifiers and controllable power supply units with specific properties to industry, research and development in batches of as little as one.

We manufacture high-precision permanent and controllable current and voltage sources to customers’ specifications with a typical high-performance bandwidth of 20 to 100 kHz and a slew rate of 5 to 50 V/μs. These amplifiers have linear output stages for the highest degree of precision with infinite resolution and absolute EMI interference elimination. We can offer PWM devices with an L/C filtered output for all cases where higher power requirements cannot be met with linear regulators. Bipolar versions are the standard, unipolar versions require prior consultation.

Chassis versions
120 W to 2.000 W
+-10V to +-70V
Complete AC-DC power supply
unit Ready for connection with
integrated power adaptor, fan
and heat sink
19 inch euroboards
10 W to 800 W
+-10V to +-70V
19" power supply unit for
connection to a separate
power supply
Mini power supply units
10 W to 400 W
+-10V to +-70V
Value-for-money power supply
units with/without heat sink and
power supply as flange version

Power operational amplifiers and controllable power supplies have 4 control inputs for all kinds of control engineering tasks, for example to add or subtract several control signals or to operate as an autonomous servo system. Extremely fast and precise controls for force, acceleration, speed, temperature and generally all physical dimensions and their processes can be stabilised in this simple way.

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Controllable power supplys
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Entwurf & Optimierung von bürstenlosen Sondermotoren
Magnetische Lagerung einer Kugel mit Leistungs-
Hochdynamischer Moving Coil Motor: Beschleunigung von Null auf 1000 U/min in nur 1 Millisekunde. 20 bis 500 Watt.
Industrie flash - März 2009
V205 Steuerbares PVM - Hochleistungsnetzteil bis 4 kW
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